BRIDGET RANTS: My view on the difference between Liberals and Conservatives

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I believe the main differences in Liberals and Conservatives can be boiled down to three basic principles. Most issues will fit under one of these three.


1. Personal Responsibility                          

2. We know what is best for ourselves     

3. Facts                                                           


1. Entitlement

2. Gov’t knows what is best for us

3. Feels good

You can also add that most (not all) Conservatives have an underlying faith which is the foundation of their views. Their religion/faith guides them in moral decisions such as abortion, gay marriage, etc.

1) Policy Making (principle 3)
Conservatives believe in pursuing policies because they’re pragmatic and because they work.
Liberals believe in pursuing policies because they’re “nice” and make them feel good. Whether the policies they’re advocating actually work or not is of secondary importance to them.

2) Government (principle 2)
Conservatives believe in small government. They believe that government, by its very nature, tends to be inefficient, incompetent, wasteful, and power hungry. That’s why we believe that the government that governs least, governs best. Conservatives are against a “nanny state” philosophy.
Liberals believe in big government. They think that the solution to every problem is another government program. Even when those new programs create new problems, often worse than the ones that were being fixed in the first place, the solution is always….you guessed it, another government program. Liberals support a “nanny state” philosophy.

3) Socialism (principles 1 & 3) -This includes Welfare, Health Care, and any other handout programs.
Conservatives are capitalists and believe that entrepreneurs who amass great wealth through their own efforts are good for the country and shouldn’t be punished for being successful. They believe that hard work should be rewarded and that both positive AND negative consequences motivate people to take personal responsibility for their lives. Handouts do not motivate people to be self-sufficient, and when something is worked for it is much more appreciated. Conservatives also believe that competition breeds better goods and services. Conservatives believe that truly needy people need to be taken care of, but it should be done by churches, charities and individuals, not by gov’t.
Liberals believe in handouts and distribution of wealth. They don’t believe that people should face the negative consequences of not working hard. They are socialists who view successful business owners as people who cheated the system somehow or got lucky. That’s why they don’t respect high achievers and see them as little more than piggy banks for their programs. This system does nothing more than harm the quality of goods and services and teaches that working hard does NOT pay.

4) National Security/War (principle 3)
Conservatives believe in peace through strength. They believe in confronting and defeating enemies of the United States before they can harm American citizens. They also believe in defending those who are weaker. Conservatives think that evil must NOT be tolerated and that you cannot reason with evil, irrational people.
Liberals believe in peace through weakness. They believe conflicts are due to misunderstanding. This impossible idea is rooted in the unshakable belief that there is no evil in the world — that rape, serial killing, genocide and terrorism are due to psychological abnormalities or a failure to socialize the young. Whenever some monster does something atrocious to Americans, the first question liberals ask is: What did we do that caused them to misunderstand us so? Liberals believe you get peace by spending less on defense and more on social programs. The same demented pacifism that would make unarmed homeowners the prey of armed criminals, would see America reduced to hiding in darkened corners while international thugs run rampant. Evil flourishes in this environment.
5) Equal Rights and Treatment (principles 1 & 3)
Conservatives believe that we should live in a color blind society where every individual is judged on the content of his character and the merits of his actions. Special considerations should not be given to one group over another.
Liberals believe that it’s ok to discriminate based on race as long as it primarily benefits minority groups. You should be able to get jobs or get into universities based not on your qualifications, but on your race or ethnicity.

6) Abortion (principle 1)
Conservatives believe that abortion ends the life of an innocent child and since we believe that infanticide is wrong, we oppose abortion. We also believe that abortion should not be used for birth control and the person should take personal responsibility NOT to get pregnant if they don’t want a child.
Liberals, despite what they’ll tell you, believe that abortion ends the life of an innocent child, but they prefer killing the baby to inconveniencing the mother. They do not take personal responsibility for not getting pregnant, and if it happens they use abortion as their birth control.
7) Gun Control (principles 2 & 3)
Conservatives believe that people, not guns, cause crime. They believe that individual Americans have a right to defend themselves and their families with guns, and that right cannot be taken away by any method short of a Constitutional Amendment, which conservatives would oppose. Conservatives take personal responsibility for their own protection and believe that “an armed society is a polite society”. They know that if there were gun control laws, the only people with guns would be criminals.
Liberals believe that guns, not people, cause crime. They believe by taking arms away from law abiding citizens, they can prevent criminals, who aren’t going to abide by gun control laws, from using guns in the commission of crimes.

8) Illegal Immigration (principle 3)
Conservatives believe that legal immigrants are a positive addition to our country and welcome them with open arms. However, they also believe that laws should be followed and enforced, which means that ILLEGAL aliens should NOT be allowed to remain in the US. They also understand that illegal immigration is hurting our country’s economy and is taking away from our own citizens and the people who came here legally.
Liberals believe in globalism and think that open borders are humanitarian. They also believe that the way to change things is to break the laws rather than change them. They do not acknowledge that illegal immigration is taking away from our own citizens.

9) Gay Marriage (principle 3)
Conservatives believe that traditional marriage is a sacred institution and is the best environment in which to raise healthy, happy children. They believe that a mother and a father have value in their kids lives. By making the union of a man and woman just another social arrangement – no special status, no special benefits – it becomes just another thing – instead of the thing.
When cohabitation became a respectable alternative to marriage, we got less marriage. When heterosexual marriage becomes one of many types of marriage, the trend will accelerate.
Liberals believe that gay marriage will have no discernible impact on the institution of marriage, and that anyone should be able to do anything they please.

10) Patriotism
Conservatives are patriotic, believe that America is a great nation, and are primarily interested in looking out for the good of the country. That’s why we believe in “American exceptionalism” and “America first.” We appreciate what we have and know the sacrifices that were and are being made to keep it.
Liberals are internationalists who are more concerned about what Europeans think of us and staying in the good graces of the corrupt bureaucrats who control the UN than looking out for the best interests of this nation. They see patriotism as a selfish and arrogant attitude.

11) Religious Freedom (principle 2)
Conservatives, most of them anyway, believe in God and think that the Constitution has been twisted by liberal judges to illegitimately try to purge Christianity from the public square. We also believe, most of us anyway, that this country has been successful in large part because it is a good, Christian nation and if our country ever turns away from the Lord, it will cease to prosper.
Liberals, most of them anyway, are hostile to Christianity. That’s why, whether you’re talking about a school play at Christmas time, a judge putting the Ten Commandments on the wall of his court, or a store employee saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays,” liberals are dedicated to driving reminders of Christianity from polite society.

12) Justice System (principle 2)
Conservatives believe that judges should act like umpires instead of legislating from the bench. That means that judges should determine whether laws are permissible under the Constitution and settle debates about the meaning of laws, not impose their will based on their ideological leanings.
Liberals view judges as a backdoor method of getting unpopular left-leaning legislation passed. They don’t want umpires, they want political partisans in black robes who will side with them first and then come up with a rationale to explain it.

13) Financial (principle 2)
Conservatives, but not necessarily Republicans (which is unfortunate), believe it’s vitally important to the future of the country to reduce the size of government, keep taxes low, balance the budget, and get this country out of debt.
Liberals, and Democrats for that matter, believe in big government, high taxes, and they have never met a new spending program they didn’t like, whether we will have to go into debt to pay for it or not.

14) Liberal Indoctrination in Schools (principle 2)
Conservatives believe that schools should educate children in academics and that parents should educate their children in the areas of values, politics, religion, and sex.
Liberals believe that schools should educate children in academics (even though they are not doing a very good job at this point) AND in values, politics, religion, and sex – as long as the views are liberal views. They believe that the government, not parents, should have the say in what children are taught.

15) Global Warming (principle 3)
Conservatives believe that global warming may be occurring, but it is a natural ebb and flow of our world and is not man-made. They look to Science to get facts and do not over-react because it happens to be the “issue of the day” and makes them feel good.
Liberals believe that global warming is man-made and we need to change our entire way of living to fix it. They do not have facts to back this up, but it doesn’t matter because it makes them feel good. (see #1)

Let me know what you think are the main differences…


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Go Bridget!!! A voice of common sense is like a breath of fresh air these days. Keep up the rants.

Wow, what a slanted view…it’s obvious that
you’re a closed minded republican.

Jane, don’t be so sensitive. It’s a general view and there are exceptions, just like anything else. If she is a close-minded republican, what does that make you? Open-minded!

conservative-Liberty and freedom
Liberal-equality and fairness

Your an idiot.

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