BRIDGET RANTS: In Defense of America

Posted on January 30, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants |

I get really tired of America-haters. I especially dislike American citizens who hate this country. I honestly believe they are ungrateful, spoiled brats! They have so much and yet they complain. They have something millions of other people would love to have and they aren’t thankful for it.

I liken it to a really rich person who has almost everything, griping that their life is not better. Let’s suppose Paris Hilton griped about all the things she doesn’t have or doesn’t get – we would all roll our eyes and say “Give me a break. She doesn’t realize how lucky she is”, and we would be correct.

Now, I’m not saying that America is perfect, because it’s not and it never will be. But of all the countries in the world, we’ve done the best. We’ve got it figured out more than they do. We still have a lot we can improve, and we should strive to do so, but let’s not bad-mouth it just because it hasn’t reached perfection.

Don’t you find it interesting that other countries are compared to America to measure their success, yet America is compared to perfection and Utopia. That’s not fair to us and it will always put us in a no-win situation. Instead of people looking at America and saying, “Why can’t they get their healthcare system fixed? It’s obvious they don’t care about people”, they should look at the rest of the world and say, “Wow, America’s system is not perfect, but it’s certainly better than any other system in the world.” That can be seen by how many people from other countries come to America for medical help. Their system isn’t working or the wait is too long, but they can come here and get help right away, so they do.

People complain that we’re just greedy capitalists. But the reality is that capitalism is the best system in the world. Competition and free markets benefit everyone. It’s been shown in other countries who have tried it that socialism DOES NOT work. It sounds good in theory, but it just doesn’t work. Those countries end up with a worse economy and more people not able to survive.

People complain that we’ve got too many poor people and that we aren’t helping them. I beg to differ. First of all, it’s not the government’s job to do this. It is the responsibility of individuals (especially Christians) to reach out and help these people. But we do happen to have a HUGE gov’t program that helps these folks, yet people still say it isn’t enough. Secondly, our definition of poor is very different than the rest of the world’s definition. As a social worker I can tell you about the poor people in our society. 99% of these “poor people” have a TV and a cell phone. Not only that, but the US has numerous government programs to help them, and numerous non-gov’t programs that they can access. They can get food stamps , medical care, low income housing, free lunches at schools, free school supplies, clothing for school, treatment programs for their drug or alcohol issues, counseling for mental health issues, and many other things I don’t even have room to list. Also, there is a certain portion of this group who just don’t want the help. You can believe that or not, but I’ve been a social worker for almost 20 years and I tell you it is true. Some of them just want to live like they’re living and be left alone.

People complain that America is greedy and doesn’t give enough humanitarian aid to other countries. America already gives more than all other countries combined, yet they still say we don’t give enough.
People complain that America tries to bully other countries, when in reality we are happy to live and let live. We only intervene if we are protecting our own citizens or those who can’t protect themselves. However, we can only be in so many places at once, so we have to prioritize and deal with the most urgent things first. Unfortunately, some people don’t agree with the priorities and if their “pet issues” are not being dealt with right now, they say America doesn’t care.

People complain that America is racist or that we don’t treat people equally. First of all, that’s just a load of bologna as every person has an equal opportunity in this country, which is why millions of people want to leave their own countries and move here. Secondly, people only need to look at other countries to realize how good we have it here. Are there some racist people here? Yes, of course. But that’s the case no matter where you go. But as a whole our country is NOT a racist country and goes to extraordinary measures to make sure it is not tolerated. I find it interesting when people bring up the fact that America once had slavery. Well, so did most other countries. It was the culture then. However, America is the only country who didn’t have to be forced by another country to fix that problem. We realized slavery was wrong and we handled it. It took a war, but then again, war is sometimes necessary. Why don’t we get credit for being the one country that came to the realization on our own and corrected the problem? Instead, people keep throwing it in our faces that we once had slavery. Slavery aside, if America is such a racist country, why do so many people want to come here?

People complain that our military should not be involved in other countries. They call them killers and protest against them. I say again that our military does not indiscriminately kill innocent people. They do their job so that we will be safe and free. They fight for us so that we can live the lives we live and have the freedoms and comforts we have. They fight there so we don’t have to fight here. How dare someone speak out against them and not honor them. They are willing to risk their lives and some people have the audacity to criticize them-it honestly makes me sick and lets me know how ungrateful those folks are.

America is not perfect, but we are definitely AWESOME!! We’ve got to continue to strive to be better, but to constantly criticize us for not being perfect is not the answer. Why can’t we be thankful for what we have and work together to fix what’s not working so well. The last thing we need is for Americans to be screaming to the world that we are evil, greedy bullies. If an American truly believes the US sucks, they should move to a country they feel is doing it better. If they are not willing to do that, then they should stop biting the hand that feeds them. This does not mean we never speak up about things that need to change, but we certainly don’t do it for the world to see and hear. We don’t betray our own country and try to assist in its downfall.

We are fortunate and blessed to live in America and I find American-born America-haters to be extremely unappreciative and spoiled, and I know there are millions who would be happy to take their place in this great country!!
You rock, America!!! Long live the land of the free and the home of the brave!


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2 Responses to “BRIDGET RANTS: In Defense of America”

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Omg… woman.. that’s all I’ve been blogging about these days is Anti-Americanism and my problems with it. You should stop by and read some of my posts. In fact, I am wanting to build an alliance of some sort (like a blogring) devoted to Anti-Americanism. If you’d like to join me or help out in some way, that would be awesome. If not, that’s okay too.

I just got so excited to see your posting about this that I ran and jumped to comment. Haha… we need more people like you around to help defend America. Blog on girl… I will continue reading your blog!

And thank you for sticking up for all of us. 🙂

OK. I just finished reading your entire post, and I loved it. Very well-worded and put together. I’m getting so sick of the bitching myself. And this bitching is making me even more proud to be an American. We gotta watch each other’s back, yanno? Not that I never complain, but to leap as far as hating America? Never. I’m damn grateful to have what I have and I’m damn grateful for our military as well. We really depend on our men.

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