BRIDGET RANTS: Why are some Christians being fooled into thinking the Democratic party is the more compassionate party?

Posted on January 26, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants, Politics, Religion |

Alright, here we go, one of my first rants on this blog.

I have 2 questions and I have the answer to the 1st one. I’m not sure about the 2nd one.

1st Question: Why are some of our young Christian leaders jumping on the Democratic bandwagon?

Answer: Because they THINK the liberals are the more compassionate, loving party. For some reason they ignore the fact that the Dems are pro-abortion and anti-Christian.

I’m starting to get quite concerned about this trend. The libs have made a concerted effort to make their party look like the compassionate, loving, humane party, and unfortunately uninformed people are not questioning that. They are just falling for it. It makes them feel good to be a part of the party that “cares”. After all, Christians care, don’t they?

However, do any of these people ever really look to see if Dems truly care and have the solutions to problems that will help people. Nope, they just go along with it. It sounds good to say we want to feed people and we want all people to have healthcare and we want world peace. The sad part is that the liberal plans DO NOT WORK! In fact, they do the exact opposite. In actuality, conservatives are just as concerned about these issues, but we have a different plan for addressing them. If people would just look at these solutions in-depth, they would know which ones are truly effective and not follow the Dems just because it sounds good.

2nd Question: Does “truth” matter any more to those same young Christians? Or is truth being overshadowed by “what will make us look good” and “what will make the liberals like us”.

Does it matter to them if global warming is a myth? There are a lot of facts and scientists that show global warming to be a lie, but in their haste to make the libs like them they say, “Hey, we’re like you. We agree with you”, even if what they’re saying is wrong.

Does it matter to them if socialism/communism is a bad system that has NEVER worked? Or do they go along with it because it makes them LOOK compassionate and loving, even though the truth is that it has always failed. Capitalism is the most successful system that helps the most people, but the left has labeled it a greedy system so they don’t want to be associated with it. There are several issues that the left would like to resolve with socialism.
-A National healthcare system sounds good, but it doesn’t work. Look at the other countries who have tried it. They always come to America to get better care. Our system DOES need to be overhauled, but socialism is NOT the answer.
-Welfare sounds like a compassionate solution, but handouts alone do not solve the problem and do not help people for the long term. Helping people become self-sufficient is a more loving way of helping. People being rewarded for working hard makes for a much better and successful society. Instead of giving people the fish, we need to teach them how to fish and show them the rewards and consequences of doing it or not. You can help them while you’re teaching them, but eventually the handouts have to stop and they need to accomplish something on their own and be proud of it.

Does it matter to them that appeasement and complete pacifism does NOT result in peace? Or do they go along with the “peace movement” because it makes them look nicer. No one likes war, but if evil is taking over, then you must fight it. War HAS solved many things – slavery, communism, the Holocaust, etc. To let evil or wrongdoing continue without trying to stop it is the ultimate in selfishness and injustice. Unfortunately being a “peace lover” SOUNDS so much nicer, so they go along with the fallacy that if we just don’t fight, everything will work out fine. The reality is if we don’t fight, EVIL wins.

Does it matter to them that the US gives more to other countries and to those in need than most other countries COMBINED?? Instead of publicizing that, folks gripe about the US and say we should do more. Even Christians stand up and scream for the US to make a difference while ignoring all that the US is doing.

Does it matter to them that AIDs prevention is more about peoples’ behavior than about how much money we’re giving for research? We already give a lot more to AIDs than we do to other diseases, but we’re still being told it’s not enough. Why can’t we speak up about the behaviors that contribute to AIDs? Christians are afraid if they speak the truth about it, they will be seen as mean. So in reality they are allowing more people to die because they are protecting their reputation. Doesn’t truth matter?

I heard one Christian say that he supports gay rights because he thinks we should all have equal rights, that it’s the loving, Christian way. I agree that we should love them and treat them well and care for them, but that does not mean we have to go along with their agenda. I believe that particular Christian thinks that you have to agree with them and support them in order to show them you love them. That is not the case. Gay marriage could be devastating to our society and our kids’ futures. It tears down the Biblical concept of marriage. So, do we overlook our Biblical view on homosexuality because it makes us seem nicer to them? I don’t think so. But apparently, some Christians do.

This same Christian says that the US should close all of our bases in other countries and pull our military out. He’s all for pacifism and peace. Is this Christian just naïve?? I guess if his wife were being attacked by a mugger he would throw his hands up, tell the guy he cares about him and let him continue what he was doing. After all, he wouldn’t want to fight him – fighting is bad.

I am so frustrated with this thinking that I am about to blow!!! Unfortunately, I’m hearing it more and more. Somebody help me out here – give me your opinion on this.

So again, my question – Does “truth” matter any more to these folks? Or will they sacrifice that so that they will look good to the rest of the world?


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