BRIDGET RANTS: Apathy will kill us!

Posted on January 26, 2008. Filed under: Bridget's rants |

I am so tired of people, especially Christians, being apathetic and doing nothing. So let me list a few things that I think we are being apathetic about, but which are very important to our futures:

1- I am frustrated that evil is allowed to flourish when good men do nothing!!!!!!! People who are content to do and say nothing in order to fight evil are accomplices to the evil. Too many Christians are doing nothing because they think it will seem “mean”. Tolerance of evil is a sin.

2-We need to take the Islamic threat seriously. They want to kill us and take over our country. Because we are so “nice” and “welcoming” and “politically correct”, they know they can take advantage of us, and they do! WHY is the airport in Minnesota building an area for Muslims to wash their feet??? Why is their culture starting to overtake ours?

3-We need to take Iran seriously. They are TELLING us that they want to wipe Israel and us off the map, and we are being so misled by the mainstream media and the liberal politicians that we just don’t believe their threat. How much clearer can a threat get?

4-We need to try and defeat the “hate speech legislation”. If it goes through, pastors could be charged with hate speech if they speak out against homosexuality or other lifestyles. This has already happened in Canada and it’s only a matter of time before it happens here if the legislation passes. Please don’t think this is an overreaction. They are counting on us NOT paying attention and on being apathetic.

5-We need to fight to keep our religious freedom. Under the guise of being “loving, tolerant Christians” we are doing nothing to stop it and are slowly losing our freedoms.

6-We need to take the ILLEGAL immigration issue seriously. We are letting the libs get away with saying that we are “anti-immigration” instead of “anti-ILLEGAL immigration”. We are a very loving, welcoming country and we welcome immigrants with open arms, but allowing ILLEGALS to continue to come in is hurting us. Let them come in the legal way. The amount of money we spend on illegals is an unbelievable amount of money that we take away from our own families and our own country.

7-We need to be aware of what is being taught in our public schools – liberal political indoctrination, homosexuality as a normal way of life, sex ed – and try to affect change.


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One Response to “BRIDGET RANTS: Apathy will kill us!”

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i must agree… in the most complete way possible… the arguments that are constantly brought up against the christian faith pail in comparison to the evidence we have to defend ourselves…. if we would only care to learn… coming from a public school…. i know how liberal and wordly the very teaching philosophy is becoming./. Simple things should be easy for us to defend… but we don’t want to “hurt anyones feelings…” and furthermore… to not try to impose our faith… but the fact is/// thats exactly what is needed… stand up and stop giving slack… we are letting the anti-christian policies and legislation overtake us… and soon… there will be nothing left to protect…

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